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Serving The Needs of Children!
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William James Black Memorial Children's Fund

Serving the Children  around the World!


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Pat & Bill, Sara & Alex, Maxine,

Tina & Tony, Jenn & Steve, Will and Lauren




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Thank You (Cam on, Arigatou) to our sponsors, donors and friends!

Pat & Bill, Sara & Alex, Maxine, Jenn & Steve, Tina & Tony, William & Lauren


Our Message

The mission of the Sweet Water Foundation is to financially support the education and well being of children wherever they live.  Since our founding in April, 2008, ALL donations received have gone to our projects for children.  Very few not-for-profit organizations can claim this statistic!  This amounts to $76,000 in seven years helping children in the United States, Vietnam and Japan.  There are NO paid employees of the Foundation—all volunteers.  Our minimal administrative expenses (less than 3% of our budget) are ALL paid from our recycling efforts.  100% of all donations goes to the children.

Funds sent to serve children are designated for educational purposes (supplies, materials, personnel, equipment) or survival purposes (food, shelter or health/hygiene supplies, not including medicines).  By-Laws Article I Section 1.03 (Adopted 3/8/2015)


See What Our Children in Japan Saw on the Tsunami Page!


The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.



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